about Sabrina

Sabrina Hancock was raised in Humboldt County and has extensive, first-hand knowledge of this area. A graduate of Humboldt State University, Sabrina earned a Bachelor of Science Degree combining Environmental Engineering, Business, and Communications. After traveling extensively throughout North America and Europe she chose to come back to her roots in Humboldt County to raise her family. Sabrina and her husband have been married for 18 years and feel quite blessed to be able to raise their three sons here. Utilizing her education and people skills in real estate became Sabrina’s passion and as such she went after and obtained her Brokers license. With years of expertise in computers and the internet, Sabrina has command of the technology that will keep her instantly on top of what’s new in the market.She understands the importance of client satisfaction, and she listens closely to their needs, going to extraordinary lengths to exceed expectations and provide each client with ethical and professional service. Whether your real estate goal is to own, sell, or invest, Valerie would be honored to assist you.

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